Chapter 20 - Electromagnetism - 5

1. Force acting upon the conductor is _______, only when it is placed at right angle to the field.

2. Current can only pass through a ________.

3. Two equal but opposite forces from a _______ of forces.

4. DC motor converts the electrical energy into _________ energy.

5. A galvanometer is used to measure _________.

6. The number of magnetic lines of force passing through any surface is known as magnetic _______ through that surface.

7. If the magnetic flux through a coil or solenoid is changing, an _____ is induced in it .

8. The mangnitude of induced emf in a coil depends upon the _______ of relative motion.

9. In1831, Michael Faraday discovered the phenomenon of ___________.

10. When a coil rotates in a magnetic field the flux passing through it continously __________.

11. In AC generator, rotation of the coil in a magnetic field generates an ______ induced emf.

12. When current is passed through a galvanometer its needle is ________.

13. The number of lines of force in a megnetic field depends upon the _______ of the field.

14. A stronger field has _________ lines than a weaker one.

15. Transformer is a device used to increase or decrease the value of alternating __________.

16. A rectangular _____ rotates between permanent magnet in a generator.

17. A rectangular _____ rotates between permanent magnet in a generator.

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