Math Class IX Chapter 7- permutation Combination and Probability

True or False
1. Permutation of n different objects is a subset of given objects? 2. Number of signals that can be given by 5 flags of different colours using 3 flags at a time is 120? 3. Five boys and four girls can be seated on a bench so that the boys and the girls can occupy alternate seats in 20? 4. Four persons can be seated on a round table in 6 ways? 5. Number of diagonals that can be formed by joining the vertices of 10 sided figure is 35? The probability that a slip of numbers divisible by 4 is picked from the slips of numbers? The probability that an egg will be broken during delivery is 1/200, The number of broken eggs in 1000 eggs would be? The first event can occur in p different ways. After first event has occurred, the second event can occur in q different ways. The number of ways that two events can occur is ___________?