Chemistry Class 12 Chapter 10 - Alkyl Halides

In primary alkyl halide the halogen atom is attached to a carbon which is further attached to? Alkyl halide are very reactive for nucleophile because? The reactivity order of alkyl halides for a Chapter 10 - Alkyl Halides Testicular alkyl group? Overall reactivity of alkyl halides for Chapter 10 - Alkyl Halides Testicular alkyl group depends upon? Grignard reagent is reactive due to? Which is the best method to prepare alcohol from alkyl halide? Halogen derivatives alkenes are called ______________? R-X can be prepared by the halogenation of _____________ and by the addition of halogen acid to ___________? Phosphorus trihalides or phosphorous pentahalides react with alcohol to replaced _________ group by a halogen group?


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