Math Class XII Chapter 6 - Conic Section


  • 1. If e > 1, then conic is parabola? 2. If e < 1, then conic is ellipse? 3. If e = 1, then conic is hyperbola? 4. In each ellipse length of major axis = 2a and length of minor axis = b? 5. There are four types of parabola. 6. Eccentricity of the ellipse is e = c/a? 7. The ellipse and hyperbola are called central conics because each has a center of symmetry? A line segment whose end points lie on a circle is called a ________? A ________ of a circle is chord containing the center of the circle? Perpendicular dropped from the center of a circle on chord ________ the chord? The perpendicular bisector of any chord of a circle passes through the ________ of a circle?