Biology 9 Chapter 10 - Test 2

1. If a diet is deficient in one or more vitamins, it leads to abnormalities and acute shortage produces diseases.

2. Due to deficiency of vitamin �D� the blood fails to clot.

3. Iron helps to make haemoglobin in the blood.

4. Renin helps to curdle milk in infants.

5. The Ultimate source of energy on the earth is:

6. One gram of carbohydrates provides energy:

7. Which one of following is polysaccharide:

8. One is not carbohydrate:

9. Total No. of Amino acids are:

10. One gram of protein produces energy:

11. One is not vegetable fat:

12. How much energy is released from one gram of fat:

13. All are components of the food except one, which one:

14. One is not concerned with photosynthesis;

15. The amount of CO2 in atmosphere is:

16. Suitable temperature for photosynthesis is:

17. Which compound is already present in the leaf:

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