Biology 9 Chapter 10 - Test 4

1. Match The Items.... Vitamin C

2. Match The Items.... Vitamin D

3. Organism burn their food (metabolize) to get special form of energy called_________.

4. The substances required by organisms to obtain energy are called _________.

5. Carbonhydrates contain Carbon, Hyderogen and Oxygen in which Hydrogen and Oxygen exist in _________ ratio.

6. Disaccharides are formed by condensation of ___________ monosaccharide units.

7. _________ and starch are examples of polysaccharides.

8. The enzymes which control different chemical reaction in the body are ________ in nature.

9. _________ fatty acids molecules have one or more than one double bonds.

10. _________ fatty acids molecules are without double bond.

11. The amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about ___________.

12. If the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases to 1 % , rate of photosynthesis also __________.

13. Chlorophyll converts light energy to __________ energy and makes food in plants.

14. The __________ cells are packed loosely with large intercellular spaces.

15. The solar energy is utilized to split water into oxygen and hydrogen is called ____________.

16. Utilizing energy from ATP and hydrogen from NADPH, water combines with carbon dioxide to form ___________.

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