Biology 9 Chapter 10 - Test 5

1. Leaves with chlorophyll in patches are called ________ leaves.

2. Elements required by plants in relatively large amount are called _________.

3. Elements that plants need in very small amount or in traces are called _________.

4. Parasite plants have special roots called _________ which penetrate into vascular bundles of host plant.

5. In herbivores, partly digested food is brought back into the mouth for further mastication is called ___________.

6. Animals like Parrot or squirrel depend on fruits and seeds are called ___________.

7. _________ obtain their food by living on the body surface of host.

8. _________ live inside the bodies of their hosts and obtain food either from blood or directly.

9. Protein deficiency in children can cause a disease called ____________.

10. Saturated fats lead to rise in __________ level, which accumulates in blood vessels.

11. Deficiency of Iodine causes __________ .

12. In pasteurization milk is heated to ____________ for few seconds and then cooled rapidly.

13. Children are especially affected due to availability of less than normally required diet and suffer from a disease called ___________.

14. Absence of roughage in our diet lead to __________.

15. Taking in of the food in the oral cavity and swallowing is called ___________.

16. The outermost hard layer which gives luster to the tooth is called __________.

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