Biology 9 Chapter 1 - Test 1

1. Biology is the scientific study of living things.

2. Study of animals is called Botany.

3. Study of functions of different parts of organisms is called histology.

4. Genetics is the study of genes and biological inheritance of characters from parents to their offspring.

5. Biogeography deals with the study of occurrence and distribution of different species of plants and animals in the different geographical regions of the world.

6. Observations alone usually provide solution to the scientific problems.

7. The logical conclusion drawn from a hypothesis from deduction.

8. Deductions cannot be tested and verified by experiments.

9. Control group means, the group of those people who are affected in some way and no real cause is known.

10. People who slept outdoor in open spaces suffered less frequently from malaria than those who slept indoors.

11. Ross selected sparrows instead of man for his experiments due to identical symptoms of malaria in both.

12. When a hypothesis has been proved by consistant results of many experiments, then it becomes a theory.

13. �Historia Animaia� was written by Theophrastus.

14. Al-Zahravi was famous for removing stone from urinary bladder.

15. Infant mortatity has also been controlled due to discovery of vaccines for fatal diseases like smallpox, polio.

16. Many plants and animals have been maintaining the balance in our environment for million of years are now at the verge of extinction due to pollution.

17. Ali Ibne Insa described the structure and function of human body describing bones and muscles.

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