Biology 9 Chapter 1 - Test 2

1. Jabar-Bin-Hayan wrote books on plants and animals like Alnabatat and Alhaywan.

2. Drugs like penicillin and streptomycin are being use to controlling infections diseases.

3. Louis Pasteur proved finally that living organism could only be produced from their parents.

4. Study of nature is called:

5. Study of Microscopic organisms is called:

6. Which branch of biology deals with classification of animals and plants:

7. Study of fossils preserved in rock is called:

8. The data collected from experiments and observations made on organisms is analyzed by various methods of statistics is called:

9. What are made to collect relevant information or data after determination of the specific biological problems:

10. The logical conclusion drawn from a hypothesis is called as:

11. Who is writer of book �Historia Animalia�

12. �Al-Manazir� book is written by:

13. �Origin of species� is written by:

14. Which branch of biology made it possible to manipulate hereditary traits and to produce new species:

15. When were developed a few hypothesis, which seems near to what happened in the origin of life on earth:

16. When an Italian Scientist F.Redi disproved abiogensis experimentally:

17. Who once again excited the believers of abiogensis in 1748:

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