Biology 9 Chapter 1 - Test 5

1. __________ acts as a vector in malaria.

2. In_________ man�s natural resistance and immunities against diseases are destroyed.

3. AIDS is also being treated to some extent by medicine called ___________.

4. __________ are being used to eliminate many harmful pests.

5. __________ is very useful in the treatment of diabetic patients.

6. Living things could be formed spontaneously from non living things is called ___________.

7. Offsprings are produced by parents of their own kind known as __________.

8. According to __________ the origin of first life had been initiated from the time when the solar system came into existence.

9. On Mars some evidence of __________ has been found which is still under further investigation.

10. In 1578-1657 _________ described the circulation of blood in human body.

11. In ____________ useful genes are inserted into bacteria to obtain the required beneficial results.

12. __________ discovered as the cause of many diseases like tuberclosis.

13. Edward Jenner discovered the method of vaccination in __________.

14. In 1878, a French army physician named ____________ found small microscopic thread like organisms in blood of malarial patients.

15. _________ deals with the prtactical application of organisms and their components for the welfare of mankind.

16. Rapid industrialization during the past few decades has resulted in _________ of our surroundings.

17. When mixture of CO2, NH3 and water vapors is exposed to __________, it leads to the formation of sugars and Amino acids.

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