Biology 9 Chapter 2 - Test 1

1. Robert Brown discovered centrosome in the cell.

2. The cell wall of fungi is made up of chitin.

3. In human cell there are 2 sets of 25 chromosomes each.

4. Mitochondria provide energy to the cell and are known as the �Power house of the cell�.

5. Golgi bodies consist of a set of smooth flattened membranous SACS called cisternae that are stacked over each other.

6. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is non granular, because ribosomes are attached to it.

7. In prophase, choromosomes arrange themselves on the equator of the spindle, forming an equatorial plate and become more visible.

8. The division of cytoplasm is called cytokinesis.

9. Sclerenchyma tissue consists of heavily impregnated with lignin and provides hardness and strength, to the cell.

10. Skeletal muscles are attached to the cartilage and bones.

11. Cardiac tissues are composed of nerve cells, which are called neurons.

12. Brassica campestris is commonly called mustard plant.

13. Cortex is composed of many layers of thin walled living cells (Parenchyma) with intercellular spaces tissues, and store the food.

14. All the branches of the root originate from vascular bundles.

15. In between two vascular bundles, few layers of living thin walled cells are present called the pith.

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