Biology 9 Chapter 2 - Test 2

1. The stalk of the flowers is called pedicel.

2. The fruit of Brassica is called siliqua.

3. Frog lives in the sea.

4. The skin of frog is kept slimy and moist, by the secretion of glands.

5. Hind legs of frog have webbed fingers, which help in swimming.

6. Gaseous exchange through lungs is called cutaneous respiration in frog.

7. Heart of frog is three chambered.

8. The lung is enclosed in a membranous pericardium.

9. The vessels which bring back the blood from different parts of the body to the heart are called arteries.

10. Female reproductive system of frog consists of two ovaries and reproductive ducts.

11. The cell wall of frog is made up of:

12. In eukaryotic cells, all organelles are membrane bounded except:

13. The number of chromosomes in radish cell is:

14. In mitosis, the chromotids start separating in:

15. Xylem is involved in the conduction of:

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