Biology 9 Chapter 2 - Test 3

1. In Brassica root layer next to endodermis is called:

2. Photosynthetic part of plant is:

3. Frog is:

4. In lungs, which part is involved in exchange of gases:

5. During hibernation, exchange of gases in frog takes place by:

6. The membrane that encloses the heart is known as:

7. The two atria contract and push their blood into:

8. Renal portal vein takes the blood to:

9. In ovary of frog eggs are formed in:

10. The Posterior part of the brain continues into:

11. In male frog urinogenital duct performs the function of:

12. In Brassica, the upper part of pedicel is called:

13. Secretion of liver is called:

14. The female reproductive organ in flower is called:

15. The urine collected by the kidney´┐Żs come into:

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