Biology 9 Chapter 2 - Test 6

1. Match The Columns............. Division of cytroplasm

2. Match The Columns............. Ribosomes

3. Match The Columns............. Robert Hook

4. Electron microscope has a resolving power ___________ times or more than that of a compound microscope.

5. The cells having no membrane bounded nucleus are called _________.

6. Cell wall is made up of dead carbohydrates, known as __________in plants.

7. Cell membrane is ________ permeable in nature.

8. In the Nucleus there is a granular matrix called _________.

9. _________ % of cytoplasm is water.

10. Elementary particles of mitochondria are involved in the __________.

11. _________ discovered the golgi-bodies.

12. Ribosomes are involved in synthesis of ________.

13. In side the chloroplast a semi fluid matrix called _________ is present.

14. ________ number of choromosomes remain constant in Mitosis.

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