Biology 9 Chapter 3 - Test 1

1. Common characters in different organisms indicate their common ancestral origin.

2. TrueSuch organs which have same basic internal structure and embryonic developments are called heterologous organs.

3. Families are grouped into order.

4. The phyla or divisions are in turn, grouped into sub kingdom.

5. The division of mustard plant is Anthophyta.

6. Capparales is the order of Mustard plant.

7. The genus of Mustard plant is brassica.

8. The two kingdom system of classification includes (i) Kingdom Plantae (2) Kingdom Animalia.

9. Sub Kingdom Embryophyta includes fungi and Bryophyta.

10. Slime moulds and bacteria are included in true fungi.

11. Algae are non-photosynthetic plants.

12. Platyhelminthes is one of the phylum of Animalia.

13. Animalia includes eight other Minor phyla.

14. Protista is also called Protoctista.

15. Blue green algae are Cyanobacteria.

16. Bryophytes and true fungi are two main groups of plant Kingdom.

17. Algae are heterotrophs with absorptive mode of nutrition.

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