Biology 9 Chapter 3 - Test 2

1. Carolus Linnaeus introduced Binomial nomenclature for naming of organisms.

2. Scientific name of rose plant is Rosa campestris.

3. The Zoological name of frog is Rana tigrina.

4. Homo sapiens is the Zoological name of Monkey.

5. All Protists are directly evolved from protozons.

6. Cyanobacteria are heterotrophs.

7. Nematoda is the phylum of Animalia.

8. Gymnosperms are included in spermatophytes.

9. Intra specific means:

10. Inter specific means:

11. The order of human being is:

12. The Phylum of human being is:

13. The name of family of man is:

14. The significant characteristics of animals are:

15. Protista kingdom includes:

16. Prokaryotae includes:

17. Plantae includes:

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