Biology 9 Chapter 4 - Test 2

1. Some bacteria especially bacilli under unfavourable conditions from endospores inside their cell wall.

2. Bacteria can reproduce only by asexual reproduction.

3. Cyanobacteria have no ability to fix nitrogen.

4. Infectious hepatitis, cancer and AIDS are bacterial diseases.

5. Plants viruses have RNA core.

6. One bacterium divides into two within twenty seconds.

7. Heterocysts are large cells with thick wall as compared to other cells.

8. Bacteria are of five kinds on the basis of their morphology.

9. According to mode of nutrition algae are:

10. Structurally viruses are made up of:

11. All viruses are

12. Viruses are discovered by:

13. Viruses were discovered in:

14. Viruses are of different sizes, ranging from:

15. Viruses were isolated in crystalline form by:

16. The inner core of virus is made up of:

17. The outer coat of viruses is made up of:

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