Biology 9 Chapter 4 - Test 4

1. Viruses are of different sizes ranging from 0.01 to ________.

2. The inner core of virus is made up of _________.

3. The outer coat of virus is composed of ________.

4. In virus protein coat consists of two parts _____________ and tail.

5. Lecuwenhock discovered bacteria in ____________ for the first time.

6. Length of Bacteria ranges from 1Um to _________.

7. Bacteria are single celled _________ organism.

8. Bacteria cell is surrounded by a cell wall, which is composed of __________ and amino acids.

9. Generally the capsule is found in _________ bacteria.

10. Spiral shaped bacteria are called __________.

11. In addition to main bacterial DNA small circular molecules of DNA called __________ are also present in bacteria.

12. Plasmids play an important role in transmission of some ________ characteristics.

13. Non motile bacteria lack __________.

14. Cyano bacteria are also known as __________ algae.

15. Cyano bacteria always have a protective ___________ sheath around their cell wall.

16. Nastoc and ________ are common examples of cyano bacteria.

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