Biology 9 Chapter 5 - Test 2

1. Sargassum and seapalm are examples of thallophytes.

2. Green algae are considered to be ancestors of plants because both the groups contain same photosynthetic pigments and same reserve food material.

3. Contractile vacuoles in chlamydomonas, are starch storing bodies.

4. Spirogyra is a filamentous green alga found in oceans and seas.

5. Filaments of spirogyra float on the surface of water due to accumulation of oxygen in mucilage.

6. Algin, carrageenan and agar are obtained from fresh water algae.

7. Red tide is caused by dinoflagellates toxins produced in warm waters.

8. There are approximately 23 million known species of algae which have been classified.

9. A thallus is a:

10. Rhizopus is a:

11. Imperfect fungi reproduces:

12. Hyphal cell wall contains:

13. Function of rhizoidal hyphae is to:

14. Fruit body of mushroom consists of:

15. Which one is not a plant disease:

16. Kelps can grow upto:

17. Pediastrum is an example of:

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