Biology 9 Chapter 5 - Test 5

1. ___________ are the hyphae which spread along the surface of the substrate.

2. Fruit body of mushroom has umbrella shaped, cap called _________.

3. The first antibiotic penicillin was discovered by _________.

4. Aflatoxins are mycotoxins produced by ___________.

5. Chlorella is an example of __________ unicellular alga.

6. Maximum photosynthesis in water is carried out by ________ after diatoms.

7. __________ is an out growth of cell wall in the anterior part of chlamydomonas.

8. The ___________ help the chlamydomonas to determine the changes in light intensity.

9. __________ is located in the chloroplast of algae and is meant for storing food.

10. Tincture iodine is obtained from _________.

11. Some fungi are associated with some algae to form ________.

12. Ascomycetes are also called ________ fungi.

13. Sporangia are formed at the tips of __________ in fungi.

14. Histoplamosis is a disease of __________ caused by fungi.

15. Some of the algae such as _______ are used as food.

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