Biology 9 Chapter 6 - Test 1

1. Bryophytes and tracheophytes are the two main groups of kingdom fungi.

2. Bryophytes are multicellular photosynthetic enkaryotes with multicellular reproductive organs.

3. Bryophytes are also called embryophytes as they lack an embryo.

4. Bryophytes are the vascular plants.

5. Bryophytes are most advanced plants.

6. Liverworts, hornworts and mosses are three groups of tracheophytes.

7. Anthoceros is a moss.

8. All Bryophytes are found living in moist habitat.

9. All Bryophytes need water for their sexual reproduction.

10. Bryophytes possess roots for absorption of water and salt from the soil.

11. Most of the Bryophytes, the plant surface is covered by a thin waxy layer to prevent loss of water.

12. The gametophyte of Bryophytes is a diploid plant.

13. In Bryophytes, the sporophyte generation is dominant.

14. Meiosis occurs within sporophyte, producing haploid spores.

15. Sphagnum is also known as Peat moss.

16. The capsule of Funaria produces seeds.

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