Biology 9 Chapter 6 - Test 2

1. Rhizoids are reproductive parts of Funaria.

2. Male sex organs of Funaria are called antheridia.

3. Fertilization occurs in absence of water in Funaria.

4. Capsule, seta and foot are three parts of gametophyte of Funaria

5. Brypophytes are Tracheophytes are included in kingdom:

6. Plants in which embryo is developed into a new plant are called:

7. Marchantia is a:

8. Spores of Funaria are dispersed by:

9. Rhizoids are meant for:

10. It is female sex organ of Funaria:

11. Male & female gametes fuse to form:

12. Foot, seta and capsule are three parts of:

13. Bryophytes includes:

14. Meiosis occurs in:

15. Sperms are formed in:

16. Bryophytes are found living in:

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