Biology 9 Chapter 6 - Test 4

1. Bryophytes lack true _________.

2. __________ is the dominant generation in bryophytes.

3. The __________ elevates the capsule in the air.

4. The __________ consists of three parts, a foot, a long stalk like seta and a capsule.

5. __________ are multicellular structure which arise from the lower side of the stem and absorb water and salts from the soil.

6. Bryophyte and Trachcophytes are the two main groups of kingdom ________.

7. The zygote of Bryophyte develops into a small protected _________ that develops into a complete new plant.

8. _________ are vascular plants.

9. Bryophytes are divided into three groups _________, hornwort and mosses.

10. _________ is the example of liverworts.

11. Anthoceros is a ___________.

12. The Bryophyte plant produces __________.

13. Male and female gametes fuse to form a diploid _________ which forms another gametophyte by mitosis.

14. ________ genertation is diploid and produces spores.

15. ________ occurs within the sporophytes producing haploid (n) spores.

16. Spores are dispersed by ________.

17. The spore germinates and forms a new haploid _______ plant.

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