Biology 9 Chapter 7 - Test 1

1. Like all other plants trocheophytes show alternation of generation.

2. Tracheophytes are non-vascular plants.

3. Conducting tissues phloem is meant for conduction of prepared food.

4. In tracheophytes the gametophyte is the dominant generation.

5. Dryopteris is a kind of Bryophyte.

6. Pteris leaves bear spore producing structures called sporangia.

7. Rolling of young leaves in fern and opening up with age is called circination.

8. Xylem vessels are present in the wood of most gymnosperms.

9. Sporophyte is haploid in fern.

10. Spermatophytes do have free living gametophyte.

11. Each microsporophyll consists of two sacs called pollen sacs or microsporangia.

12. Cone bearing plants are generally known as conifers.

13. Pinus is normally found growing at 5000 � 8000 ft.

14. Pinus aristata is one of the oldest trees.

15. Pollen sac cannot be considered as microsporan gium.

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