Biology 9 Chapter 7 - Test 2

1. Radish is a kind of tap root.

2. leaf pitchers are modified leaves for parasitic mode of nutrition.

3. A flower that possesses all the four floral parts is said to be complete.

4. Floral parts of monocots occur in 4, 5 or in multiples of 4, 5.

5. Pteridophytes are similar to gymosperm and angiosperms in having:

6. Adiantum is the example of:

7. In fern, part of petiole bearing pinnae is called:

8. Seed is:

9. The term Gymno reflects:

10. Stem of gymnosperm is mostly:

11. The dwarf shoots of pinus orginate:

12. Male cone in conifers bear leaf like structure called:

13. Mega sporophyll contains:

14. The plant which is the source of ephedrine is:

15. Angiosperm, seeds are produced with in:

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