Biology 9 Chapter 7 - Test 5

1. Floral parts of monocots occur in 4, 5 or in multiples of 4, 5.

2. Angiosperm, seeds are produced with in:

3. Group of flowers having special arrangements on the flowering axis is called:

4. Match The Item...... Monocot

5. Fern leaves are usually large and are called ___________.

6. Each dwarf shoot of pinus with its cluster of needles is called ________.

7. Female cone of pinus is composed of spirally arranged scales called _________.

8. Angiosperms are vascular plants that bear _________.

9. __________ seeds have a single cotyledon or embryonic leaf.

10. First root formed by elongation of the radicle of embryo is called _________.

11. Roots originating from plant parts other than the radicle of embryo is called _________.

12. Stem is formed from ________ of embryo.

13. Some leaves are modified into wire-like coiled structures called _________.

14. _________ is probably the world-tallest tree.

15. One of the oldest and largest forests of _________ are found in Ziarat.

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