Biology 9 Chapter 8 - Test 1

1. Small floating animals are also called plankton.

2. Jelly fish is found floating deep in the water.

3. Platyhelminthes are diploblastic animals.

4. Tape worm is also a parasite.

5. Head of the tape worm is shightly larger than body and is called scolex.

6. Nematodes are also called round animals.

7. Trichinella is example of Nemtodes.

8. Leech lives as mesoparasites.

9. Molluscs are also called shell fish.

10. Fresh water muscles are found on sae shore.

11. Radulla is a tongue like structure in snail is used for feeding.

12. The body of arthropods are also segmented, but these segments are external.

13. Arthropods are covered with the hard shell made up of cutin, forming an exoskeleton.

14. 2/3 of phylum arthropoda consists of insects.

15. In house fly complete metamorphosis is present in his life cycle.

16. Incomplete metamorphosis can be seen in the life cycle of cockroach.

17. Animals of phylum echindermata are exclusively aquatic.

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