Biology 9 Chapter 8 - Test 2

1. Echinoderms have internal skeleton consisting of dermal calcarcouis ossicles.

2. The echinoderms have a water vascular system and internal gills.

3. Star fish is a true fish.

4. Spongilla is an example of fresh water sponge.

5. The body of sycon is hard but strong and remain attached to the rocks.

6. Some jelly fishes are very large in size with their tentacle reaching from 60 to 70 meters in length.

7. Corals are the coclentrates living in the limy skeletal cup.

8. Liver fluke and planaria are examples of nematodes.

9. Locomotary organs in paramecium are:

10. The association of algae with porifers are called:

11. Deposites of coral reef are made up of:

12. Special cavity in the body of coelentrate is:

13. One of the following is triploblastic animal:

14. One of the animal is not nematode:

15. One of the animal is not parasites:

16. Trichinella is nematode found in:

17. Disease trichinosis is caused by:

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