Biology 9 Chapter 8 - Test 3

1. The body of phylum annelida have external and internal segmentation:

2. Leech sucks the blood of:

3. One of the animal is not the member of phylum mollusca:

4. Ectoparasite found in pools and ponds is:

5. Pearls are produced by the animals:

6. Fresh water mussel is found on the bank of:

7. The snail shell has many compartments and snail lives in it:

8. One of the animal is different from the following:

9. One of the following arthropods possess four pairs of legs on its body has:

10. The nymph of cockroach missing the organs:

11. Star fish has a strong power of:

12. Match The Item..... Protozoa

13. Match The Item..... Porifera

14. Match The Item..... Coelentrata

15. Match The Item..... Platyhelmenthes

16. Match The Item..... Sessile

17. Match The Item..... Marine animals

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