Biology 9 Chapter 9 - Test 1

1. Chordates are organism that possess a vertebral column through out their lives.

2. Phyrangeal pouches develop into inner part of ear in certain vertebrates.

3. There are 47 species of vertebrates on the earth.

4. The air bladder in fishes is used for respiration.

5. Amphibian can use their skin for exchange of gases.

6. Rana tigrina is a species of reptiles.

7. During hibernation the heart beat and temperature of frog�s body increases.

8. The process of estivation takes place in winter.

9. The snake has Jacobson�s organs which are sensitive to heat.

10. All snakes are not poisonous.

11. Pigeon is an example of Ratitae.

12. Endothermic means the same as warm blooded.

13. Duck bill and spiny ant eater lay about 2 eggs in one year.

14. Birds and Mammals are cold blooded.

15. Sloth, Armadillo and hedge hog are invertebrates.

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