Biology 9 Chapter 9 - Test 2

1. Marsupials give birth to under developed babies.

2. Gestation period in elephants is 30 to 36 days.

3. Heterodonts are animals that have different type of teeth.

4. Different kinds of animals present in a particular region are known as fauna.

5. There are many species of terrestrial fish.

6. Notochord is located:

7. Function of gills is to:

8. Skin of toad is:

9. Following is the group of cold blooded animals:

10. Reptiles lay eggs with:

11. The scales in reptiles originate from;

12. Frog�s eyes have a transparent membrane protective in nature called:

13. Which one is not correct for birds:

14. Carinatae bird has:

15. Jacobson�s organs in snake are sensitive to:

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