Biology 9 Chapter 9 - Test 5

1. In amphibians the fertilized egg is transformed into adult by a process called __________.

2. Frogs have two protruding eyes with ________ eyelids.

3. _________ is the process in which frogs bury themselves in mud to avoid extreme hot season.

4. Terrestrial reptiles are also called _________.

5. Lizard belonging to genus _________ are poisonons.

6. Eyes in snake are permanently covered with transparent membrane called _________.

7. Snakes have the ability to detect very low _________ differences.

8. ________ glands are present in snakes mouth.

9. Birds that live in dark caves, track their way by __________.

10. The unique feature of birds is the presence of _________.

11. Ratitae is a group of birds which have __________ sternum and weak pectoral muscles.

12. Mammals have _________ eyelids.

13. Pouched mammals have a pouch outside the body called __________.

14. Rodents have sharp and pointed ________.

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