1. A constant number when multiplied with only a variable item is called ________ of that variable

2. An expression which consists of variabales and constants connected by algebric operations of addition, substraction, multiplication, division or root extraction is called an ________ expression

3. The different parts of an algebric expression joined by operations of addition or subtaction are called terms of ____________

4. An expression consisting of two or more terms is called a __________ expression

5. Algebric expressions are of ___ kinds

6. A _______ is an algebric expression consisting of one or more terms

7. A polynominal is one variable x is denoted by ______

8. A number which can be written in the form p/q where p and q are integes and Q is not equal to zero called a ________ expression

9. THe number which cannot be written in the form p/q is called an ________ expression

10. If a polynominal has only one term then it is called _____

11. A polynominal consisting of two terms is called _________

12. A polynominal consisting of three terms is called ________

13. If p(x) and Q(x) are two polynominals then their addition is represented as ________

14. In order to add two or more than two polynominals we first write the polynoimnal in _____________ order

15. The subtraction of two polynominals p and Q is represented by ______

16. If the sum of two polynominals is zero then p and Q are called _________ of each other

17. Division is the ________ process of multiplication

18. While deviding ass terms are written in ________ order

19. When a polynominal p(x) is exactly divisible by another polynominal Q(x) then we say that Q(x) is a _______ of P(x)

20. To find remainder by remainder theorem ew replace the variable x by a real ________-

21. If the remainder R=p(a)=0 then x - a will be a ________ of the polynominal p(x)

22. If p(x) is exactly divisible by x - a then a is called _________ of the equation p(x) = 0

23. 2x + 3y + 5 is a polynominal with coefficients as natural numbers

24. (a-b)(a+b) = _________

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