CSS Past Papers 2001- History of the USA - 2

CSS Past Papers
1.    Panama Canal was officially opened in the year?

2.    On August 26, 1920 the 19th Amendment to US Constitution gave voting right to?

3.    NATO was established in the year?

4.    In 1900 the Open Door Policy was adopted with respect to?

5.    The book “Uncle Tom‟s Cabin” was written by?

CSS Past Papers
6.    The Truman Doctrine was mainly designed to extend economic assistance to?

7.    The 26th Amendment in 1971 lowered the voting age to?

8.    The term “Big Stick Diplomacy” is associated with President?

9.    During the American Civil War, the President of Confederacy was?

10.    Judges of the American Supreme Court are appointed by?

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