CSS Past Papers 2008- History of the USA - 2

CSS Past Papers
1.    The BAY of PIGs invasion of Cuba happened during the Presidency of?

2.    Herbert Hoover became President of the USA in?

3.    The National security of the USA is a document prepared by the?

4.    The first President of USA from 1787-1797 was?

5.    William Harrison was the president of US in the period?

CSS Past Papers
6.    The 40th President of the USA was?

CSS Past Papers
7.    Dwight D Eisenhower served two terms in office from 1953-1961. Who was his vice-President?

CSS Past Papers
8.    Which President of the USA resigned from the office in his second term?

CSS Past Papers
9.    United States of America joined with Western European nations to form North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in?

10.    The 25th amendment providing for Presidential succession was ratified by states in?

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