HOW TO GET Intelligence Tests E-BOOK

1.  At selection centre the Intelligence test will be on computer and at ISSB on paper. At ISSB Each paper will consist of following number of Questions:

a. Verbal Intelligence Tests: About 105 mix verbal questions in 30 minutes.

b. Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests: About 70 questions in 30 minutes.

c. Mechenical Aptitude Tests: About 50 questions in 15 minutes.

2. Here at our website we have separated each type of question, so that U can carry out practice "Tpe Wise" and revise the type more in which U are weak.

3. At ISSB, the test will be lengthy, and you will have to write the answers on a plain paper. U can read complete procedure in ISSB Step by Step E-Book

4. To give you practice on the lines of ISSB, we have prepared lengthy tests, and enclosed these in an E-Book, which U can attempt on computer and also open on computer and write the answers on plain paper. Note: Questions in the E-Book and on our website are the same. In E-Book these are mixed and tests are lengthy.

  • We can only say that if U are reading this page, then must get this E-Book, as early as possible, to have more time to practice, to increase your speed and accuracy.

  • It has been zipped with win.rar and if win.rar is installed on your computer, right click the downloaded file and select "Extract Here" as follows:

    • Downloaded E-Book. it will look like this>>>>>>>

    • Right click the E-Book and select "Extract Here" as shown in the picture in front.


    • Two files, as shown in front will be extracted:

      • Book opening instructions (Read it to open the Book).

      • ISSB E-Book "Succeed at ISSB"