Download ISSB Sentence Completion Test - English

    At ISSB you will have to complete 56 incomplete English sentences in 12 minutes (2 sets of 26 sentences, each in 6 minutes). We have uploaded the list of most likely incomplete sentences.

    Make your own sentences at ISSB. If we make sentences for you it will not be fair and more over so many candidates will be making similar sentences which will go against them. Download, take a print and practice.

  1. For day wise guidance download ISSB E-Book from Read the word file which will be downloaded with it to get it activated. This E-Book will tell you every thing about ISSB and you will not have any questions about ISSB after reading it
  2. If you want to read on your mobile, tablet or online then click HERE

    If you want to download and read on Computer offline then click HERE

    Read and succeed

Download ISSB Sentense Completion Test - Englisg