• The ISSB E-Book is a walk through guide showing videos and photoes of boys doing group tasks, command tasks, write up about each day, event and how to do it. Only one hour is required to read this E-Book.

  • This E-Book is not printed on paper, because we keep revising it (Last Revised in December 2015 to include some changes in tests which has taken place at ISSB). It will open only on your computer.

  • We can only say that if U are reading this page, then must get this E-Book, as early as possible, to have more time to prepare according to the advice of a senior Armed Forces Officer who knows ISSB "Inside Out"

  • It has been zipped with win.rar and if win.rar is installed on your computer, right click the downloaded file and select "Extract Here" as follows:

    • Downloaded E-Book will look like this>>>>

    • Right click the E-Book and select "Extract Here" as shown in the picture in front.


    • Books, as shown in front will come out:

      • First Read File Number 1
      • 2. Folder has 2 Free E Books.
      • You will get the E Book Same day.


    . If You want to apply or have just applied and want  to clear your initial test for Army, Navy or PAF then read

           How to Apply & Initial Selection E Book

    . If You have cleared your initial test and now you have to go for ISSB then MUST read ISSB E Book.

    Download ISSB E-Book


    . These E Books are zipped and you will need win.rar software to unzip these. If it is not installed on your computer then download win.rar software from  Here and install in your computer