Can somebody succeed at ISSB by preparing well. YES, preparation for any task is "the key to success". But the big Question is WHAT and HOW to prepare for the tests at ISSB?

We have seen that at ISSB a candidate with 60% marks gets selected and another with 85% marks is rejected.

Why it happens so?

The reason is....... Candidate having 60% marks prepared well before going to ISSB.

Just recently, in February 2011, a shining and smart student, having A+ Grades all along, got rejected, after re-interview and re-doing of command task, just because of one mistake he committed un-knowingly.

At ISSB, they treat U like officers for 5 days, but after getting into Officer Ship mode, if one is REJECTED, Believe me it is very difficult to bear. Ask those who have passed through this stage.


Remember, at ISSB, if you don't know what you have to do at each step, there are all the chances you will commit serious mistakes, and get REJECTED.  Any body, who makes to ISSB, stands equal chance of selection provided he displays his qualities clearly and does not send wrong signals.


For clear guidance, at each step inside ISSB, we have prepared a small E-book which U can read in one hour.  This E-Book has following:


  • Importance of each task or event.

  • Preparations before going to ISSB.

  • How to fill forms which lead U to success.

  • How to project your true personality to psychologist.

  • It has those sentences, fill in the blanks and stories, which were written at ISSB by selected candidates.

  • Just one or two page valuable information and guidance at Group Discussion, Group Planning, Group Tasks and COMMAND TASK and how to project yourself.

  • How to do all individual obstacles and repeat as well.

  • How to succeed in interview. Read interview questions and answers of a successful candidate.

  • Pictures and Videos of Group Tasks and individual Obstacles.

 This E-Book “ISSB Inside Out”. It is a totally different book then those which are available in the market. If U are serious about your success at ISSB , then it is a must read.

  How to get this E-Book   Read Here