1. After seeing interest of young generation, their questions and queries about ISSB and eagerness to get commission, we have decided to answer all their questions and provide them “to the point” guidance at one place. While doing so I used my own experience, talked to ISSB people, interviewed those who are selectors at ISSB, we also interacted in detail with those candidates who were selected or rejected . Before I start the actual things I want to tell the prospective candidates few things:

  • System of selection in the Armed forces is totally merit based and son or daughter of a general may be rejected and a poor village boy may be selected (it happens in every batch).
  • A very smart and handsome candidate may fail and one with average personality may get selected.
  • A candidate with more then 80% marks in his entire career may be rejected and the one with just 50% may be selected.

    Why it happens so?

    2. Are they looking for average people? What are they looking for? Why 90% candidates get rejected? Can an enthusiastic and dedicated candidate get selected? Should some preparation for ISSB be carried out or not? Should I join some academy for preparation? I am a bright student, what should do to get selected?
    We have prepared an ISSB Book. In this book we have tried to answer all these questions and much more. This book is for those who say “I want to succeed in ISSB at all cost and I will do any and every thing for this purpose”. I assure you, this candidate stands 80% chances of selection provided he prepares himself according to the instructions given in this book. 3. In subsequent pages we are describing the absolutely true story of a simple villager boy who, through his sheer hard work, cleared ISSB as a repeater, became an appointment holder at PMA and rose to red tape rank (senior rank) in the Army. Read it, it has many lessons for YOU!