My Memorable Initial Selection Interview - 1

Initial Selection Interview: just to tell you standard of my preparation “I entered the room, I found a unformed Brigadier sitting behind the table, two lieutinant colonels on his right and one lieutinant colonel and one Major on his left. The Brigadier asked me to have a seat and I sat down saying thank you sir. He asked my name, father’s name, his profession and then the first general knowledge question: Name three countries in South America (Here I must tell you that I had memorized the world map in such a manner that it seemed to me it mapped in my mind in such a way that I am seeing it on wall).

To his question I almost abruptly replied ‘Argentine, Brazil and Chili.’ He said “name five countries? I clarified “excluding these three or including these three?”. His reply was obvious “excluding these three.” I said “Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, Bolivia and Pero”. Now I could see the faces of interviewers as they wanted to smile but situation was not permitting them to smile. “Waise bhi fauj mein jab tak senior na hansay junior muskura bhi nahin sakta”.