My Memorable Initial Interview - 2

Brigadier sahib looked towards the officer sitting on his right and that officer said “OK boy one more country in the same region”, I named Ecuador. Second officer asked “OK one more country and I replied Columbia. (Now I could see a visible smile on their faces). Third and fourth officer repeated the same question, I replied Venezuela and Trinidad. Now, the atmosphere was totally relaxed, my interviewers were laughing under their lips and looking at each other as quietly saying “kis balaa say wasta par gaya hay”.

Now Brig Sahib, trying to control the situation said “Well done boy, one more question, “Name one more country in the same region and you are successful” and my reply was “sorry sir, Now I cannot create a country over there”. They all laughed loudly. Brig sahib got up and shook hand with me and repeatedly said ‘well done’. “Work hard” and you will succeed at ISSB as well. You can imagine what report he must have sent about me to the ISSB.