My Performance at ISSB as Repeater - 1

I went to the ISSB at kohat. Believe me, it looked like as I have come to joy land, because everything I had to do, appeared to me as if I had done it already many a times and it has no problem. Undoubtedly I was dominating the group, the GTO (Group Testing Officer) was paying special attention to me, which I could notice. All boys of the group were impressed by me and were doing as I was telling them. Every candidate was trying that I should help him in his command task.

My group discussion was the best, GTO asked me to explain the group plan and I did that. In group task boys agreed on my plan and listened to my instructions. This happened in all tasks. It looked as if I was the man of the match who had dominated the bowling, batting and fielding. I felt as my body was charged with energy “aur main jis cheez ko bhi hath lagata thaa, sona ban rahi thee”(This all was because of Allah's blessings and my preparations).