My Performance at ISSB as Repeater - 2

Last time I had done 7 obstacles out of 9 and this time I not only did all 9, I repeated 5 more. I had done 14 obstacles out of 9. In my interview it looked as the interviewer wanted to have gup shup with me. I was very easy, I replied to every question he asked. I was very confident. Two questions were again about the map “In Pakistan while offering prayer you face in the direction of West, which direction will you face, if you are in Egypt?”

I switched on the world map in my mind and found that the Egypt is located towards west of Saudi Arabia. So while offering prayer in Egypt, I have to face in the direction of East. “Jis bachay nay paper ki khoob tayyari ki hoti hay us ko har suwaal asaan lagta hai” and same was my state. I was told to stay on and after some time I was told you have been SELECTED. I rushed to my room, offered 2 rakat nafal shukrana. Finally I had done it, with a poor villager background and almost poor educational background.