The Best of Armed Forces

The best thing in armed forces is that the system is merit based. Do well and rise to any rank. Here are no favouritism, no nepotism and no preferential treatment to any body. Serve with dignity and stay with dignity. So you will rise to the rank you deserve. Ok, let’s come back to the ISSB. Rest assure the entire procedure and process is very fair. No need of any “Sifarish” rather it will go against you. First of all ask yourself, do you really want to join Armed Forces? If the answer is yes, then start your preparation even if you are in class 9 or 10, because general knowledge and physical strength takes time to build. If I look back I find my success at ISSB was due to:

  • - Complete dedication and enthusiasm.
  • - Understanding system of ISSB and knowing what to do at each step.
  • - Preparation hard on correct lines.