How My Experience Benefits

I had carried out detailed research on ISSB. After becoming officer my interest still remained intact. I went and stayed at ISSB for some time, again saw the system. I found there are no secrets about ISSB. Officials at ISSB brief the candidate and tell the candidates in detail what they should do, but this valuable knowledge comes very late. During my service many sons and relatives of my friends came to me for briefing. I only gave them about one to two hours and all those who were capable, got selected. I am myself astonished! Recently, son of my friend who had 88% marks in metric and 85% marks in FSC from Cadet College Hassan Abdal, a good player of hockey, foot ball and cricket, a fine horse rider and studying at LUMS. He has a very charming and pleasing personality. He had all qualities what a commissioned officer requires. I was astonished to hear that he was Rejected.

This time he again applied and his father asked me to brief him. It just took a session of one hour. Alham-du-Lillah he made it. I don’t say I did it, no, not by any means. He was a promising boy, he only needed few tips, he acted upon and his remarks were “Uncle! One hour session made the difference”. An other candidate was my only son, he never went to any academy, even for one day. His marks in metric were 68% and in FSC 78% . Yes of course, he was briefed only by me. He cleared ISSb and is now serving as Captain after training. Similarly my only daughter also cleared ISSB and serving as Captain in Computer Branch. I know, some people will not believe but I can say on oath and my kids know it very well that their father “will never ever make a SAFAARASH for them”. Because he believes "Allah always does the best"
  • Purpose of writing this all was to assure you “you can do it” if you want to do it and no SAFAARASH is required. I repeat, no SAFAARASH is required at all.