The God is Greatest

The benefit of my research, guidance, tips and tricks is to those only who know me and who can contact me. Similarly like me there may be many others, who may be briefing the candidates. One cannot stop it as preparation for any exam is legal. This becomes a disadvantage to those candidates who don’t have access to this kind of guidance. I am sure, if I was equipped with knowledge, I would not have become a ‘Repeater’.

Now I am putting this knowledge before you in the form of a booklet. I will keep on improving it with photos, audios and videos, but slowly and gradually. The things will have to be done in a professional manner. I am sure it will be must read for those who want to succeed. I cannot make it public as it will defeat its purpose. It is not be a heavy book like the ones in the market which one is unable to comprehend. It addresses all questions and queries once for all and the reader feels he is seeing the things happening at ISSB himself.