My Background and Upbrining

Just to re-assure you and motivate you, we have picked a practical example of a senior Army Officer who has an average personality, not a player, humble back ground and 60% marks in metric (with science) and 49.5% marks in FA as private candidate. Not only he got selected, he was an appointment holder at PMA and rose to the rank of a red tape rank (senior rank). We decided to reproduce his entire story in brief because it has many lessons for future candidates, especially for those who think there are some short comings in them. His story in his own words:

“ My father served in armed forces as a soldier. We were living in a village which had a high school. My father owned the only book shop, where I also used to work almost the entire day as my father would go to city for purchases. It was not possible to run the shop without me as my father had to do little farming and feed/look after cattle which we had. I was not admitted to school and perhaps my father was not very concious and keen for this as well. The good thing was that the father used to read news paper daily, discuss news items with this friends who would come daily and sit at the shop. He would listen to BBC Urdu in the morning and at night regularly.