My Childhood Activities - 1

Although I was not admitted to school, I was able to read Urdu because of my regular Masjid education. I was also able to carry out small mathematical calculations as we had to prepare bills at the shop. When ever I would be free, I would pick up some course book from the shop, see pictures and read stories it. Slowly I started reading stories in the children magazine of the news paper. Since news discussion always surrounded me, I also started reading news paper. I became interested in “Taleem-o-Tarbiat” (the then popular children magazine) of Feroze Sons which really motivated me to get education.

I started preparing for class exams and would sit as private candidate in local school exams. The teachers would always praise me by saying “Dekho ye school bhi nahin aata magar iss k paper school wale bachon say behtar hotay hain“. I also started reading books of “Naseem Hijjazi” which motivated me to become Army Officer. It looked to me easy as well because I had to do only FA and apply. I set my sight on it. I did my matriculation as private candidate with 60% marks and FA again as a private candidate with 49.5% marks (then candidates with second division (45% marks) were allowed to apply. Now 60% marks in FA and FSc are requied to apply. Now once I became eligible I started waiting for the ad in the news paper to apply.