First ISSB Attempt

Finally I applied for 63 Long Course, cleared Initial Tests and Interview and Medical Tests easily. After recieving call letter, I reported at ISSB and the things started. I did very well at Intelligence tests. In remaining fields, “I felt like I was dreaming, because I did things according to my own perception/thinking and never knew what would be their outcome”.

I still feel I did well. In group discussion English Topic I could not speak much but in Urdu discussions I dominated the group (now one discussion topic is in Urdu and and two minute Public Speaking in Urdu or English as you wish). In command and other tasks I did well but did not do very well or "outstanding" or could become very prominent. In individual obstacles I did 7 out of 9 and wasted lot of time on crossing over the hanging rope and still could not not do it rather became tired. Still I feel that my performance was not very bad as well. I feel I stood second in my own group and I graged myself like that(The candidate I thught is first was selected and is brig). My interview was OK but again not impressive. I had the hope but could not make it. I carried out a complete re-evaluation of my performance and planned to perform much better in the second and final chance as it was a turning point for me and my family of a retired soldier.